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🌻 PM International - Fitline Super high quality supplements and skincare, I've used them myself for over 6.5 years. Available in most countries

🌻 Johannas Livsstil (Swedish) Hjälper dig som är i eller på väg in i en utmattning tillbaka. Få hennes 10 bästa tips vid utmattning här!

Your daily companion for your body's defenses. A combination of vitamins to support your immune system. Bring it with you anywhere and just spray it in your mouth when needed (in crowds for example) Get yours here! 

It's new so it might not be available in every country just yet, if the lin doesn't take you to the product send me an e-mail (adress above) if you want me to keep you up to date for your country.

Activize for Energy, Concentration and focus and Powercocktail with a lot of vitamins and other nutrients to support your immune system. I have them every morning and some days (most days) I grab one in the afternoon as well. So delicious and good for you! 

Minerals for a better sleep. This Drink in the evening really help my sleep. I was so tired in the mornings before, could hardly get out of bed. Did you know that your body are performing a lot of stuff when you are sleeping and that it needs minerals to manage it all? If you haven't had enough through food your body will take it where it is, in your bones, teeth, nails and so forth and that will cause issues. My husband like the citrus flavor and for me I prefer cactus-fig. The effect and content is the same in both. Try it for yourself

It's Pizza time tonight! To balance that my lunch is this Vegan Choclate Meal Replacement Shake. Fitline Proshape. Soo yummy and filled with nutrients. Perfect when you are going to be naughty later or just don't feel like cooking - or both
You can find it right here!
Other flavors available - not all of them are vegan so make sure you choose the right ones if you need Vegan. 

Some components of my dream job.

🌺Be able to work from wherever I am
🌺Deciding when to work
🌺Be able to go right away if someone needs me - even for days
🌺Deciding who I want to work with
🌺Making a difference i people's lifes.
I'm very fortunate to check every 🌺 of this list.
If you would like to chat about how I can help you get some more 🌺 in your life you can schedule a call here! Looking forward to talk to you! (Swedish or English)

14 Day D-tox Cleanse Day 1

D-drink from Fitline. Natural ingredients, mostly vegetables. Have one a day for 14 days and drink plenty of water. Supports cleanse of toxins.

I use it a couple of times a year and I feel more energetic and lighter afterwards. I love products that are easy to use and you can feel the results! 

Get yours here!

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